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Wednesday, 24 June 2020

"The United Nations Now Owns Absolutely Everything?"

"Why We Wrote To The Queen And The Pope"

The point of our letter to the queen and pope (in my last posting) was to Lawfully rebut what these two have been doing and claiming behind our backs! Please see my series over the last few weeks entitled "The Greatest Deception".

The Corona virus/Covid 19 nonsense (in my opinion) was nothing but a smoke screen for a global financial takedown (a ninety day bankruptcy) and now the holding company/corporate entity known as The United Nations, I believe, owns everyones property! Yup, everyones property, up to and including their own body and DNA....

We already know from the (alleged) head of the World Health Organization, bill gates, from his own mouth infact, what the W.H.O. wants from the planned "SECOND WAVE" coming to us maybe around September (perhaps the 11th).

Below, is a rather humorous cartoon from BGPuppetShow depicting the alleged intended goals of bill gates and the W.H.O.

The trouble is that, from my research, this cartoon is extremely accurate!!!


Next up we have an interview from the wonderful Catherine Austin Fitts. She explains the whole plot piece by piece, even the defunding of the police which most people actually think is a good thing.

As useless to the people as most cops are these days, they are going to be needed by the people in the very near future or the real bad criminals are going to be completely free to do as they wish. These criminals I refer to are the govern-ments and the globalist elites of the world.

We desperately need in every country, our own police force and our own militia. We already pay for the numpties that we have, pretending to fulfill these roles at present. Why not pay them privately instead of our council tax? Hold them accountable to arrest our governments and the elites who want us gone?

Make no mistake, we probably have three months before the cull of man and woman may begin.

Please listen to, and fully understand what Catherine is saying below, it is so important and vital to our very survival on this earth....

Catherine's youtube channel is at the link directly below


Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts says the Covid-19 crisis is really more of a so-called “Plandemic.”Fitts says, “What we are seeing is a reengineering of the global financial system on the just-do-it method.We saw a lot of smart money get out of the market at the top in January and February.Then, we saw a push to use police powers in the healthcare system to shut down a huge part of the independent economy globally.So, small business and small farms shut down across the board throwing the emerging markets and many small businesses into debt traps.So, we are watching the mother of all debt entrapments going on globally, and that means we are in for a radical reengineering.That’s what we are seeing in the U.S.”Fitts also says, “Gold is going to have a very good year.”Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, publisher of “The Solari Report.”Donations:https://usawatchdog.com/donations/Stay in contact with Greg and USAW:https://usawatchdog.com/join/All links can be found on USAWatchdog.com:https://usawatchdog.com/the-choice-is...


Finally we have the simply amazing Max Igan who will explain exactly what all this social distancing is really all about. It is a very distressing and alarming video but it really must be viewed by everyone who has some small understanding of the coming agenda. It is called "COVID-19 Hoax - The Crime of The Century"

This chilling video is banned on youtube but can be watched on Bitchute at the link below. In the meantime I will try to get the video uploaded below for your ease of reference.


Sunday, 21 June 2020

"Public Notice Addressed To The Queen And The Pope"


"There is notruth except that which cannot be broken."

The letters below were sent to the Queen and the Pope by myself, and others.

Claiming our Estates is what we are doing. Some names and addresses have been removed from these documents for obvious reasons.

This is a Public Notice and will remain here indefinitely.


Witness Statement of Truth in the formof an Affidavit

Public Record England,Devon

Before two witnesses ianleslie of the family evans and-----the-----, on the twentieth day ofJune 2020, stands ian leslie of the family evans, a man known to me to beboth credible and full age of majority says:

Based upon tradition or apresumed connection of my true intrinsic “private” nature to a foreign-bourneentitlement of libelous “public” reputation, it is commonly held by the courtsthat I am Beneficiary to a legislative act or creation recognised as IAN LESLIEEVANS  et al – DOB 0/0/00.

I do not promise, donate,volunteer, or sacrifice my true intrinsic “private” nature for the sake,security, service, safety, or salvation of another. I am not a public orforeign servant, soldier, sailor, salvor, or saviour, and any claim to thecontrary must be proved by payroll records and sworn under the penalty ofperjury, with full personal liability, or it is in violation of my natural lawrights.

I am not party, privy orpartial to, including but not limited to, any public or foreign, aid, award,agency, association, book, bounty, brand, belief, corpus, colony, capital,conveyance, constituency, commission, corporation, commerce, confession,denomination, deposit, devise, dependency, election, enterprise, establishment,employment, franchise, foundation, ground, grant, gist, guild, initiation,information, institution, interment, impressment, livery, legion. mortgage,monument, material, occupation, ordinance, order, post, proctor, privilege,pilgrimage, parsonage, premises, principal, property, settlement, situation,syndicate, subscription, succession, standard, vestment, vestige, or “Nationunder God”.

I am while inmind/body/spirit consisting of only one true intrinsic “private” nature livinghere an now upon the land as a non-belligerent state.

Finally, I declare each factalleged herein to be true and of my own genuine knowledge or experience and allclaims to the contrary are absolutely against my will, misrepresentative,unconscionable, fraudulent, self-destructive, seditious, trespass, insane, orvoid prima facie for lack of full disclosure.

These understandings I decideand establish, anything to the contrary notwithstanding. All words, terms,phrases, symbols, and numbers herein mean what I say they mean and are not opento interpretation.

Further, This Affiant SayethNothing. 

Ian leslie evans
All Rights Reserved

Autograph Witness #1:                                                Autograph Witness #2:
Witness #1 Name:                                                         Witness#2 Name:               
AllRights Reserved                                                      All RightsReserved


English Common Law Lien

Silence is Acquiescence, Agreement and Dishonour thisis a Self-Executing Contract
Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal; Notice toPrincipal is Notice to Agent


User/Debtor #1 Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, acting as Queen,and acting as the Woman.

User/Debtor #2Jorge Bergoglio, acting as Pope, andacting as the Man.

and successors yet to benamed, acting as role of those yet to be named and as the man or woman.

Hereinafter: Users/Debtors
From: ian leslie of the familyevans, sui juris, a man, hereby claiming all rights nunc pro tunc.

Hereinafter: SecuredParty/Priority Creditor

The Holy Bible Genesis 1:26-28

Genesis Chapter 1: 26  And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and letthem have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, andover the cattle, and over all the earth. and over every creeping thing thatcreepeth upon the earth.

Genesis Chapter 1: 27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him;male and female created he them.

Genesis Chapter 1: 28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply,and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of thesea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth uponthe earth.


Whereas, I am a Man, created byGod. I am his creation, he is my creator and as such I obey his command andLaw, and,

Whereas, pursuant to God’sword and command, I am made in his image, after his likeness. I do not‘creepth’ over the earth, and,

Whereas, God has given medominion over every ‘creeping/living thing that ‘creepeth/moveth’ upon theearth, and,

Whereas, God has given medominion over my life. I am to live in peace, love and harmony with all mybrethren. Therefore, no other ‘ being/creation/fiction’ has any dominion overme, especially against my free will. I am a Free Man, and,

Whereas, the above defines ahierarchy, with God at the top, and,

Whereas, the number twoposition in that hierarchy is not claimed by anyone, and,

Whereas, the governments ofthis nation seem to rely on deception to gain the power to govern, and,

Whereas, I am desirous ofliving my life as a 'Child of God, and,

Whereas, the only powers ableto claim any authority over a 'Child of God' is God, and,

Whereas, neither thegovernment, nor its agents nor its representatives or employees are God, orabove God, and,

Whereas, I occupy a positionabove all governments and their agents and employees and representatives, and,

Whereas, this English CommonLaw Lien and Witness Statement in the form of an Affidavit are established uponthe listed bankrupt Territorial Persons and bankrupt Municipal PERSONS. Theseindividuals are known to have departed from these shores and to have spurnedtheir birthright(s) and to have granted their full allegiance to a foreignentity which has continued to carry out infringement upon the Good Name andTrademarks and Copyrights so as to confuse itself and its activities with theactual lawful representatives of this country, and,

Whereas, the claims of thisorganisation and its members are based upon false claims of abandonment, issuedwhile our lawful government was not in session, and,

Whereas, this was a pirateoperation and deliberate usurpation without lawful recognition or sanction fromour actual unincorporated lawful government run for the people, by the people,who were not fully disclosed that their lawful government had been replaced byregistered corporations, and,

Whereas, all claims onabandonment, all claims based on possession of our property, are herebyrebutted in the Public and for the International Record. Our property interestsand assets remain ours regardless of any claim or possession by pirates, foreignor domestic, and,

Whereas, as the members ofthese corporations have created a theocracy and moved offshore to evadeprosecution for their attempts to steal the identity of our lawful governmentand have sought to obtain access to its assets and credit via impersonation,they must be considered dangerous and engaged in criminal fraud against thePeople of this country, and,

Whereas, we fully recognisethe right of individuals to take against the Will and Amendments established byearlier generations, but maintain that such actions must be lawful and lackingany element of deceit or purposeful fraud against the People. The continuedmistaken attacks against the recorded and copyrighted Pen Name of a presumed-tobe Municipal franchise: IAN LESLIE EVANS, are typical of their activities, and,

Whereas, all variations,permutations, styles, orderings, and punctuations of this name representlawfully converted “vessels” as published and standing upon the Public Records,all belonging to a declared to a living Man, owed due diligence, good faithservice, and protection by all Territorial and Municipal citizens including,but not limited to the Debtors/DEBTORS listed herein, who must all beconsidered in Breach of Trust, and,

Whereas, the foregoing listof Debtors/DEBTORS includes specific members but also attaches all suchentities, who have sought to impersonate our lawful government, These entitieshave sought to bring false claims of abandonment and the proceeds of piracyagainst it. All these bankrupt and stateless entities are hereby seized upon ininternational jurisdiction, together with all their assets, records,registrations, copyrights, trademarks, contracts, lands, homes, preciousmetals, buildings, personal property, progeny, certificates, bank accounts,licenses, signatures both in ink and electronic, and the paper or other matrixtheir signatures appear upon, and,

Whereas, these entities haveno right or reason to attack their Employers or to presume anything about us orour operations, much less attempt to establish liens against the people andtheir private property, including their copyrighted and trademarkedPersons/PERSONS, and,

Whereupon this English CommonLaw Lien is issued, authorising the immediate arrest and impoundment of the listedand separately identified Persons/PERSONS or entities/ENTITIES for trespassupon the land and transgression upon the sea, and applies, more generally,against all entities for impersonating the lawful international government ofthis country and continued acts of international financial terrorism intendedto harm our people, and,

Whereas, the frauds that havebeen committed against us must be brought to an end. It is lamentable thatotherwise well-intentioned people have, through ignorance of history and law,been prevailed upon to commit crimes amounting to treason against this country,and,

Whereas, England became a defacto German possession in 1840 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert ofSaxe-Coburg-Gotha and the House of Wettin has ruled it ever since.
Victoria’s son inherited the Title to England butprivately ruled as a German prince. This “tradition” has carried on through twoWorld Wars that have decimated Germany—-because the House of Wettin wanted it that way. Today the High Priestess is theQueen’s Cousin, Lady Somerset, and the HQ in the British Isles is GlamisCastle, in Scotland, and,

Whereas, as has been provenby the landmark court case, "JAH vs. Regina", the present Queenserved a total of three days as a Christian Monarch, before abdicating thatposition and occupying The Chair of the Estates, the "throne" of theProbate Court, and proceeded to have everyone in England, Ireland, Scotland,and Wales declared legally dead, in order to control and prey upon the estatesof the victims of this con game, and,

Whereas, the lawful peopleare declared "legally" dead and the further claim is made that theydied intestate, without a Will, and as “wards of the state” and Commonwealth,so that the priests can come in under the guise of probate executors acting forthe government as the presumed beneficiary--- and administer the assets of the“abandoned” estates, and considered an asset and chattel property of my ownestate. This same thing has been done around the world, and,

Whereas, verification thatour ancestors existed on the land and soil, prior to any birth registration actor statute already exists on record. We are “grandfathered -in” to the land asLawful Inheritors, and,

Whereas, statutes only becomewhen law consent is given. A baby, at the time of a birth registration is notaware that it's body is being considered abandoned via an act or statute and isnot able to give consent to such statutes, and any belief otherwise constituteschild abuse, and child trafficking, and,

Whereas, The UNITED KINGDOM,INC., is currently in liquidation and Chapter 7 bankruptcy and due to settlewithin ninety days; our terms as the Priority Creditors are clear:

(1) our land and all titlesand patents related to it, must be returned free and clear of debt orencumbrance, per the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 --- we, as individuals, and asa government, have been "found alive" and we are due this recognitionby the world and by our erstwhile subcontractors;

(2) our labour resourceswhich have been unlawfully and immorally press-ganged since World War II, mustlikewise be returned to us and to our control;

(3) our gold assets whichwere cashiered in the Philippinesis ours by right and must
be returned for our use andto our control.

Whereas, Prime Minister BorisJohnson, Secretary of State Matt Hancock, President Trump, President Duarte,HRM Elizabeth II, the Pope, and all other Parties and Principals are hereby andprior to this, fully informed that the People of this country are alive andwell, are fully competent, and are still represented among the nations of theworld all would-be impostors and interlopers notwithstanding, and,

Whereas, the Woman, acting asQueen - Elizabeth Windsor Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and her corporations, Qinetiq andthe Pirbright Institute, have created and hold the patent to both the CoronaVirus and the vaccine related to it, and as DARPA and the Bill and MelindaGates Foundation have funded their activities, and as this invention of theirshas caused unconscionable and inexcusable harm to us and to people throughoutthe world. The Woman, acting as Queen - Elizabeth Windsor Saxe-Coburg-Gotha andher chartered members, members of DARPA, Bill and Melinda Gates and theirFoundation be held equally responsible for the damage they cause, and,

Whereas, we don't propose topay for the damage that these criminally irresponsible parties have done to theworld economy and to the innocent people who have died as a result of theirmeddling self-interest.

Any being who wishes to claimany authority over me must first prove they exist above God; they are God; theyare between God and I; or they have a document upon the face of which can befound the verifiable signature of God granting them authority over me.

Failure to first do one ofthe above-mentioned things means all claims to authority is abandoned or isunlawful. Attempting to exercise any authority over me without first fulfillingone of the above mentioned requirements are an unlawful acts of fraud and/orextortion.

Plain Statement of Facts
I am a living, breathing,flesh and blood sentient Man.I am known as ian leslie of the family evans. I am living on the earth at/on ----- Englandnon-domestic.

As clearly stated in the HolyBible (KJV) Genesis Chapter 1:26-28 God has given me dominion over my life andover every ‘creeping thing and every ‘living thing’ that ‘creepeth’ upon theearth. Therefore, all man[kind], the principal(s), officer(s), employee(s) andagent(s) of any and all legal fictions, companies, organisations, andcorporations, such as the CROWN CORPORATION of the CITY OF LONDON are herein and hereon advised andnotified that:

1) as a Free Man created as aMan by God. Pursuant to God’s word and command I have the right to be master ofmy life on the earth. You are to address me as ‘ian leslie of the family evans henceforthin all spoken and written communication, letters and documents – anything elseto the contrary is notwithstanding; and,

2) you are all individuallyand collectively duty-bound to fully support and assist me to keep Gods Law andkeep Gods Peace in thought, in mind, in spirit, in matter and in Law herein,hereon, henceforth and forevermore; and,

3) you are all individuallyand collectively bound to honour and keep: God’s word, God’s Law, Gods Peace asclearly stated in The Holy Bible Genesis 1: 26-28; and,

4) you are all individuallyand collectively to Stop and Desist from any and all; thoughts, beliefs, acts,moves, attempts to cause me to be or to actually harm; my mind, my body, myspirit, my interests, my properties, my assets and/or my dominion ascommanded/established by God (Genesis 1: 26-28) forthwith and forevermore; and,

5) you are all individuallyand collectively to Stop and Desist from any and all; thoughts, beliefs, acts,actions, moves and/or attempts to pirate, privateer, persecute and /orprosecute myself ian leslie of the family evans, a free sentient Man created byGod. If you knowing and/or unknowing do so, you are acting contrary to Gods Lawas clearly expressed, for all to clearly see in The Holy Bible Genesis 1:26-28.You will have breached God’s will, his command and his peace; and,

6) I herein and hereby revokeany and all ‘implied right of access‘, you may think and/or believe you have tomy private property and the land that I am currently living on. Therefore, ifyou or them come unto that land without my prior written permission then youwill be ‘trespassing’ on that land/ private property. Stop and Desist from anyand all transgressions and trespassing immediately; and,

7) to have any ill will,frivolity, vexation, pirating, soliciting, privateering, persecution and/orprosecuting knowingly or unknowingly against a sovereign man/woman created byGod is dishonouring Gods; will, word, command, Law and Peace. I do not and willnot give consent to any such offers and/or errors to do so. They will bereturned to you ‘No Consent/No Contract’. You have been advised and notified.Govern yourself accordingly henceforth and forever; and,

8) any and all signatures,agreements, and/or contracts that may have been made with you, yourprinciple(s), officer(s) and/or agent(s) were made without full disclosure tome, especially if and when you, your principle(s), officers and/or agent(s) hadconstructed, construed, written and/ or executed them under seal or as a deed,which therefore required no ‘consideration’ on your part -as this material factwas not disclosed to me at that time they are Void Ab Initio; and,

Furthermore, be advised that:

a) if you, your principle(s),officer(s) and/or agent(s) wish to ignore, dispute and/or contest any and/orall of the aforementioned points, you will be acting contrary to God’s Law andthus be in dishonour. Therefore, I place you on Strict Notice to demonstrate inwriting to me within 10 (TEN) days of the date of this Public Notice for all toclearly see what authority you claim that is above God and which allows you tobreach his command, his Peace and bring his Law into disrepute and dishonour;and,

b) Pope Francis has ‘removed’immunity from prosecution for all public servants/ officers and agents in hisfirst Apostolic letter established on the 11th July 2013, promulgated on the13th August 2013 and effective in Law from the 13th September 2013. Privateprosecutions for breaches are now possible for all corporateofficers/agents/employees individually or collectively. You have been advisedand notified. Govern yourself accordingly; and,

c) if you choose to actcontrary to God’s law as per Genesis 1:26-28 you, your principle(s), officer(s)and/or your agent(s) will be individually and/or collectively prosecuted in a competentand correct jurisdiction.

Copyright Name Trademark Claim infringements
I am known as ©ian leslie ofthe family evans, Priority Creditor, Beneficiary, Trustee, Secured Party. Authorof the Copyright Name Trademark Claim autograph IAN LESLIE EVANS? or anyderivative thereof Hereby Attest That, I am Sui Juris, a sentient Man createdby God, living, breathing, of flesh and blood, competent and capable ofhandling my private and commercial affairs in my full capacity as Agent for thename IAN LESLIE EVANS©; and I will enforce with prejudice any and allinfringements on/to my liberties, any and all Live Borne record infringements,any and all trespass infringements, any and all Agent in Commerce ContractualAgreement infringements, any and all Security Agreement infringements, any andall Copyright Name Trademark Claim infringements, but not limited to these.

All guarantees are herebyreserved with regard to common law copyright of trade-names/trade-marks, aswell as any and all derivatives and variations in the spelling of saidtrade-names/trade-marks belonging to © ian leslie of the family evans, and allusernames/handles used in his online activities. Said names may neither beused, nor reproduced, neither in whole nor in part, nor in any manner whatsoever,without the prior, express, written consent and acknowledgment of © ian leslieof the family evans or by his/hers implied consent in the event that he/she haspublished, distributed or broadcast any of his/hers intellectual property foreducational or entertainment purposes in any medium, which will beautomatically revoked in the event of false and malicious statements being madeor bad faith being demonstrated by any individual or juristic person, as wellas the agent of said individual or juristic person, who may not use any workassociated with Secured Party/Priority Creditor’s names for financial gain orbenefit of any kind, under any circumstances, for any purposes whatsoever; and,

With the intent of beingcontractually bound, the User/Debtor consents and agrees that upon service of,and/or Public Notice of these terms of use, they shall not display, recreate,reproduce, nor otherwise use in any manner, whether knowingly or unknowingly,any of the common law trade-names/trade-marks, and all versions and derivativesthereof, belonging to Secured Party/Priority Creditor, nor the artwork of anyof his/hers names, nor any derivative thereof, nor any variation in thespelling of any of his/hers names, and all versions and derivatives thereof,without his/hers prior, express, written consent and acknowledgment, unlessotherwise expressly agreed between the User/Debtor and Secured Party/PriorityCreditor or stipulated by the terms and conditions of this notice; and,

For the avoidance of doubt, SecuredParty/Priority Creditor neither grants, nor implies, nor otherwise givesconsent for any unauthorised use of his/hers names, and all variations andderivatives thereof, or intellectual property, and any such unauthorised use isstrictly prohibited and the Unauthorised will become liable for substantialcharges; and,

Secured Party/PriorityCreditor is not now, nor has ever been, an accommodation party, nor a surety,for any of his/hers names, nor for any derivative thereof, nor for anyvariation in the spelling of said names, nor for any other juristic person,legal entity or individual, and is hereunder indemnified against any and allclaims, legal actions, orders, warrants, judgments, demands, liabilities,losses, depositions, summonses, lawsuits, costs, fines, liens, levies,penalties, damages, interests and expenses whatsoever, both absolute andcontingent, as are due and as might become due, now existing and as mighthereafter arise, and as might be suffered by, imposed upon and incurred by anyof his/hers names for any and every reason, purpose and/or cause whatsoever,issued without Secured Party/Priority Creditor’s express authorisation orconsent or material evidence demonstrating his direct involvement in any actionfor which his/hers name(s) is/are alleged to be liable; and

Common Law Copyright is alsoclaimed by Secured Party/Priority Creditor over any and all means ofidentification of his person, defined as; all fingerprints, footprints, palmprints, thumbprints, hand-prints, toe-prints, RNA materials, DNA materials,blood and blood fractions, biopsies, surgically removed tissue, body parts,organs, hair, teeth, nails, semen, urine, faeces, excrement, other body fluidsand matter of any kind, and breath samples, voice-print, retinal image, and thedescription thereof, and all other corporeal identification factors, and saidfactors physical counterparts, any and all body tissues of any kind, in anyform, and all records and record numbers, such as the results, recorded orotherwise, of all and any tests performed on any material relating to his/hersnames, and information pertaining thereto, as well as any visual image,photographic or electronic, notwithstanding any and all claims to the contrary;and,

Secured Party/PriorityCreditor retains absolute control over the peaceful possession of his/hersbody, mind and mental faculties, to the extent that no medications, medicalinterventions, vaccinations, foods, air pharmacology, but not limited to these,may be administered to him/her in the absence of his/her freely given fullformal consent without breaching the terms of this notice, and breaching God’swill, his command and his peace;; and,

All hidden agreements/silentadhesion contracts have now been withdrawn, revoked, and retracted to any typeof mind control or the use of intelligent technology implants, physical,etheric, or astral, living or non-living to be used on any life on this planet,living beings, physical bodies, ethereal bodies, electromagnetic bodies, astralbodies, consciousness, energy body et al.

All hidden agreements/silentadhesion contracts have now been withdrawn, revoked, and retracted to anyliving being, living organism, machine, entity, person, corporation, secretgroup, or their representatives, their superiors, employers, their on andoff-world allies, or anyone working for or with any of the above: to spy, tolook into, to watch, or in any way invade privacy or any living breathingsentient Man or Woman. 

The Monetisation andCollateralisation of Energy, and Beings, for the purpose of buying and sellingor owning is strictly outlawed and banned under any and everyterminology/language/contract.

The Monetisation andCollateralisation of a living entity or living body, which houses unique DNAand is private domain. The buying, selling, owning, or controlling of DNA isstrictly outlawed and banned.

The buying, selling, owning,and trading of a living entity or living body on or by any stockexchange/financial institution/corporation/government/religious organisation anywhereat any time is strictly outlawed and banned.

The harvesting of energy byany group/organisation/corporation/government/religious sect or any otherentity, or anyone is strictly outlawed and banned.

No consent has been given forthe use of nano technology, parasites, or any other type of infectious/invasivediseases or infectious/invasive technology whatsoever, whensoever, orwheresoever, now, in the past, or in the future, to be used upon any livingbeing, the Secured Party/Priority Creditor’s living physical body or mind,consciousness or soul. 

Experimentation, concealinginformation, obstructing justice, aiding and abetting genocide plans, but notlimited to these, are serious crimes and will result in full exposure and severepunishment to the full extent of Common Law.

The use of any type offrequency wave currently being used, or historically used, such as; any type ofexotic, secret, or covert, earth based, and off world-based technology capableof projecting, pulsing, beams, or waves, of any known or unknown frequency arestrictly forbidden and banned, and must cease operation immediately.

No member of any militaryforce is in anyway empowered to attack, undermine, mischaracterise,misidentify, unreasonably inconvenience or harm any man or woman and will be inviolation of their military service contracts, under the Geneva Conventions,and the Hague Conventions governing their operations here and abroad.

Any member of any militaryforce operating under mind control is strictly outlawed and banned, and mustcease operation immediately.

All armed forces who areloyal to their countries are authorised and obligated to protect their peopleand to use any necessary force to do so. They have the people’s authorisationand the duty and the obligation to arrest those engaged in said crimes.

The people are peacefulnon-combatants and innocent Third Parties who are owed the law of peace. It isforbidden to attack men or women as a deliberate act of warfare. 

We, the people call forremedy, for all people, worldwide who have been mistreated, misled, defrauded,robbed, murdered, trafficked, experimented on and misrepresented as a result ofdescribed criminality such as the mischaracterisation of our political statusand improper probate of our estates through perpetual war. We the people callfor justice and restoration of all right, title and interest owed and we arefree and clear of all Odious Debt and Encumbrances.

Self-executing Security Agreement in Event ofUnauthorised Use

Under the terms of thisnotice, the User/Debtor consents and agrees that any use of any of SecuredParty/Priority Creditor’s names, and all variations and derivatives thereof, orintellectual property, other than Authorised usage, constitutes unauthorisedusage, which automatically contractually binds the User/Debtor and renders thisnotice a Security Agreement, wherein the User becomes the Debtor of SecuredParty/Priority Creditor and unreservedly agrees that:

The User/Debtor authenticatesthis Security Agreement wherein the User is “Debtor” and © ian leslie of thefamily evans is “Secured Party/Priority Creditor”, and wherein the User/Debtorpledges all of its assets, land, precious metals, consumer goods, farmproducts, inventory, equipment, money, investment property, commercial tortclaims, letters of credit, letter-of-credit rights, chattel paper, negotiableand/or non negotiable instruments, deposit accounts, accounts, documents andgeneral intangibles, as well as all its interests in all such foregoing property,now owned and hereafter acquired, now existing and hereafter arising, andwherever located, as collateral for securing the User/Debtor’s contractualobligation in favour of Secured Party/Priority Creditor, for its unauthoriseduse of Secured Party/Priority Creditor's name(s) and/or intellectual property;and,

The Secured Party/PriorityCreditor hereunder agrees to waive any obligation that arises from an innocenterror or omission that is subsequently rectified by the User/Debtor within 14days of this public notice. After this time the User/Debtor consents to anylawful action taken to seek remedy of described above. The User/Debtor will notdeem the Secured Party/Priority Creditor to be acting unfair or unenforceableor unconscionable, and that the User/Debtor will not claim for false, frivolousor vexation; and,

The User/Debtor agrees thatit is estopped from claiming that it has not been notified of the chargesincurred for unauthorised use of Secured Party/Priority Creditor’s copyrightednames and intellectual property and/or that it is not bound by the conditionscontained herein, following service and/or public notice of such; and,

The User/Debtor herebyconsents and agrees that it shall pay Secured Party/Priority Creditor allunauthorised use fees in full within thirty (30) days of the date when Noticeof Default Charges is served by Secured Party/Priority Creditor, itemising saidcharges and expressing the terms of payment.

In event of non-payment infull of all unauthorised use fees by the User/Debtor within thirty (30) days ofthe date Notice of Default Charges is served, the User/Debtor shall be deemedin default, and agrees that:

Secured Party/PriorityCreditor will be granted a charge over the User/Debtor’s property pledged ascollateral by the User/Debtor, as set forth above; and,

The User/Debtor consents andagrees that Secured Party/Priority Creditor may take possession of, as well asotherwise dispose of, in any manner that Secured Party/Priority Creditor deemsappropriate such as a sale at auction, at any time following the User/Debtor’snotice of its failure to cure its default, and without further notice or courtproceedings, any and all of User/Debtor’s property and interest, describedabove, in respect of this public notice; and,

Agreement & Waiver of Rights
If you agree with all of theterms of the Contract, you need not respond. Your silence will constitute youragreement and acceptance of all of the terms, conditions, statements andprovisions hereunder as your complete understanding and agreement with thePriority Creditor and your waiver of any and all rights, remedies and defencesof protest, objection, rebuttal, argument, appeal and controversy for all time.You agree that your agreement, having been granted knowingly, voluntarily andwith full disclosure, settles all matters finally and forever, and cannot bewithdrawn.

Disagreement & Failure to Respond
You and the SecuredParty/Priority Creditor agree that a response which is not verified, or aresponse from a third-party agent lacking first-hand knowledge of the facts,will constitute your failure to respond as defined herein. If you fail torespond or state a claim by fourteen days of this notice, the Contract willbecome binding and fully enforceable subject to levy, distraint, distress,certificate of exigency, impound, execution and all other lawful and/orcommercial remedies.

Offer of Immunity—Stating a Claim
You may avoid all liabilityand obligations under this Contract by simply responding no later than (14) fourteendays of this notice with a verified statement that proves any claim you feelyou may have against the Secured Party/Priority Creditor or SecuredParty/Priority Creditor interests. The statement must be sworn to be true underpenalty of perjury and supported by certified factual evidence and verifiedproof.

Alternatively, you mayrespond with a point-by-point rebuttal of the Witness Statement in the Form ofan Affidavit sworn to be true, to which you attach certified factualevidence. 
In the event you decline thisgood faith Offer of Immunity, you agree with all terms, facts, statements, andprovisions in this Contract and your obligations hereunder.

If you fail to respond orfail to state a verified superior claim within fourteen (14) days of thisnotice, you agree that the Creditor/Libellant has exhausted his/heradministrative remedy his/her procedure to negotiate a satisfactory mutualsettlement and has stated a claim upon which relief can be granted. In theevent of default, irrespective of any and all of the User/Debtor/Debtor’sformer property and interest in property, described above.

In the possession of, as wellas disposed of by, Secured Party/Priority Creditor, the User/Debtor may cureits default only by payment in full or by providing material evidence thatdemonstrates it breached the terms of this notice without being cognizant ofthe fact that it was doing so and without bad faith. The User/Debtor will alsoconsent to ceasing all operation outlined in this public notice in which case SecuredParty/Priority Creditor may grant a waiver of the unpaid fees.

The User/Debtor’s non-paymentin full of all unauthorised use fees within the thirty (30) day period forcuring defaults authorises Secured Party/Priority Creditor’s immediate non-judicialstrict foreclosure on any and all of the pledged property and interest inproperty, for which Secured Party/Priority Creditor will be granted a charge bythe User/Debtor until redemption.

Joining the Contract
You and theCreditor/Libellant agree that the joinder fee for any party not currently namedon the Contract, seeking the privilege of joining the Contract, is herebyestablished at
(33,000,000) THIRTY THREEMILLION Pounds of Silver/Gold per each attempt/event of impairment. 

Tacit Agreement
You may admit to allstatements and claims in the Contract by simply remaining silent. The partiesherein agree that failure to respond or insufficiency of response as definedherein constitutes agreement with all terms, conditions, provisions, statements,facts, and claims in the Contract.  


Unauthorised use of “©ianleslie of the family evans and/or any derivatives or variations thereof, and/orhis/her internet usernames/handles incurs the same unauthorised use fees asthose associated with his/her trade-names/trade-marks, intellectual propertyand all derivatives and variations thereof; and,

This public notice applies toany and all legal fictions of any and all natures and descriptions owned and/orused by Secured Party/Priority Creditor for any purpose whatsoever, and to all User/Debtorsof those legal fictions and the intellectual property associated with thename(s) used without Secured Party/Priority Creditor’s authorisation.

These understandings I decideand establish, anything to the contrary notwithstanding. All words, terms,phrases, symbols, and numbers herein mean what I say they mean and are not opento interpretation.

I establish that this PublicNotice will be promulgated by its publication on the internet website www.standfortruth.co.ukentering into force on twentieth day of the month of June, two thousand andtwenty.

If you wish to comment on orobject to this notice please write, by 4th day of July 2020 directly to me,stating the grounds of objection to c/o ----- Englandnon domestic, quoting the reference www.therightofreply.blogspot.com.

Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal;Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent

Govern yourself accordingly.

Autograph by: Secured Party/Priority Creditor
   Copyright – © ian leslie ofthe family evans
Without Recourse Non-Assumpsit
All Rights Reserved
                                                                                                                 Dated: 20th June 2020

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Witness#1 Autograph:                                                    Witness #2 Autograph:
Without RecourseNon-Assumpsit                                   Without Recourse Non-Assumpsit
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Dated: 20th June 2020                                                       Dated: 20th June2020                                        


Bill of Lading

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:ianleslie of the family evans
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Cargo Manifest
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2.  A copy of Witness Statement of Truth in theform of an Affidavit from :ian leslie of the family evans.
Originalautographed documents have been retained by the :ian leslie of the family evans. 
For thepurpose of verification, I, the undersigned witness, do personally verify thatthe documents listed above were placed in an envelope, sealed, and deposited atan official depository under the exclusive face and custody of the carrier RoyalMail.  

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Cargo Manifest
1.  A copy of English Common Law Lien from :ianleslie of the family evans.
2.  A copy of Witness Statement of Truth in theform of an Affidavit from :ian leslie of the family evans
Originalautographed documents have been retained by the :ian leslie of the family evans. 
For thepurpose of verification, I, the undersigned witness, do personally verify thatthe documents listed above were placed in an envelope, sealed, and deposited atan official depository under the exclusive face and custody of the carrier RoyalMail.  

Witness1.                                                                    Date. 20th June 2020.

Witness2.                                                                    Date: 20th June 2020.                          

Friday, 19 June 2020

"The Greatest Deception - Part 3 and LOTS more"

"The Noahide Laws - Your Future"

Special thanks to Dr Stephen Pidgeon of the Cepher Publishing Group for his hard and accurate work in producing these ten short videos below.

As if everything in this series wasn't enough to horrify you already, this posting on The Noahide Laws should do the job!

If not, then you clearly are just as insane as those who run the world.

"Don't lose your head"

Welcome to the series on the Noahide Laws presented by Cepher Publishing Group. What are the Noahide Laws? How will they impact you and your family?This is the introduction of the Noahide Laws series hosted by Dr. Stephen Pidgeon.Visit our website: http://www.cepher.netDr. Stephen Pidgeon's Blog: http://www.cepher.net/blog.aspxSpanish Blog: https://www.cepher.net/spanish-blog.aspxCrossing Over with Jessica Arellanes and Dr. Stephen Pidgeon: http://y2u.be/8RzPiG2URqsHave questions? https://www.cepher.net/contact.aspxTo join our Affiliate Program send an email to: referrals@cepher.net with subject "Affiliate Program".

Sunday, 14 June 2020

"The Greatest Deception - Part 3 and a bit more"

"Which Side Of The Conflict Is Not Controlled?"

In this episode, c/o LifeInTheMix, we discover how we have been butt-fucked in times of conflict whilst not being allowed to be conflicted!?!?!?

Thank you to Sean for an excellent posting that came in very timely, and I will be following it up with the Communist world agenda, and the end goal which is the Noahide Laws!!!

You either get it or you don't, there ain't no time to learn it anymore!

A picture emerges and it is not a very good one, very well crafted but not in the interest of nation.Occupation Of Nations, The British Isles : https://thebridgelifeinthemix.info/br...Committee of 300 protocols : https://jahtruth.net/illumin.htm#Prot...

Thursday, 11 June 2020

"The Greatest Deception - Part 3 and a bit?"

"The 'real' Game of Thrones - The Remedy"

So William the Conqueror and his Norman Land Patents left a back door for us to claim back our rightful inheritance.

The "Real" Game of Thrones - Part Three
The Remedy

So,what exactly is it that we mere paupers can do to stand against the mightydictators of world tyranny?
Well,quite a lot actually considering that all the power of the State lies in us,and our achieving correct Standing on the Land, and us comprehending the fraudthat has been perpetrated against us....
Sowithout further ado, let us address the cesspit that our "alleged"betters have us wallowing through on a daily basis to keep their parasitic buttsin a manner that they feel we must keep them accustomed!

"Those with [de facto] power will not let it go withouta fight. And if it comes down to it, they will first seek to use the law, thenabuse it, then change it, then disregard it entirely. Our strategy must be toalways and only embrace the law. That is what will save us when they abandon itentirely."
RobertArthur Menard


Awareness.And finding ways to fully inform the people and the members of Parliamentabout this now largely hidden and forgotten “enemy within the royal house” andthe impact this has had and continues to have on England, Europe, and the restof the world is difficult.
The idea that a foreign (German) principality and a foreign (RomanCatholic Church) religion have controlled the British Isles for over 150 yearssounds odd if not preposterous the first time you hear it and it isanti-intuitive to think that a German principality would undermine Germany in two World Wars. That is, until you understand that what weare dealing with is a parasite!

This is information you have to take in yourselves and spread throughoutyour country to the members of Parliament and to your Barristers and courtofficials. It isn’t until people look for it that they see it, and only at thatpoint can something effective be done about it.

So there is a start, though not an easy answer and not something that providesmuch comfort at first.

Job Two:

UnderstandingVoting. There in England, as in America, the rats “enfranchised” people andconvinced them that being able to vote was a great thing without, however,disclosing the full facts and implications of consenting to those actions. 

By “registering” to vote you were pledging yourself, your labour, yourproperty assets, and everything else to the British Crown Corporation, and youwere being transported, that is, trafficked, off the land and into theinternational jurisdiction of the sea. This was not a crime, simply because youdid it to yourselves via your own consent! You will, of course, need to removeyour own names from any Voter Registry as another beginning step.

They havethree words that they use every time to get your tacit or expressed consent.Submission, Application, and Registration....

Submission: To bend to another's will.
Application: To beg, petition, implore, entreat, or request.
Registration: To hand over Legal Title.

Having accomplished this deceit, the Crown took title to everything inthe country, as bit by bit people unwittingly gave away everything includingtheir freedom, their Good Name, and the value of their labour to the Crown. Itwas and is a white-collar rendition of press-ganging, which has been outlawedfor 200 years, and it has had the same desired result: de facto enslavement oflandsmen and their transport to the international jurisdiction of the sea.Needless to say all your land assets were seized upon as collateral for theCrown to borrow against!!!

Job Three:

Genealogy. So your next stopis a genealogist’s office to get your family history done back to the 1840’s soyou can see which of your relatives were on the land before this crime spreebegan. For most of us, it will be our Great-Grandparents or Great-Great-Grandparentswho were actually on the land and who made the initial mistake of registeringto vote in the corporate elections. These people were “grandfathered-in” and sowere their progeny, so you will make your claim to the land as a LawfulInheritor. If you wish, once you have better knowledge of your ancestry, youcan look for their names on the Voter Rolls. If they appear, fine, but if theydon’t appear at all, better!

Job Four:

Paramount Claim. You will need toestablish your Paramount Claim on your DNA and all matter related to it, toyour Good Name, and your identity as a man or woman of, for example, WarwickCounty. Thus, a man born in Warwick is called a Warwickshire-man.

Ultimately, your claim to land in England pertains to your own bodyowning it as a free man or woman, not a “human” or someone under some conditionof “personhood”. 

Men and women are people. Our Good and Proper LawfulNames are Lawful Persons called  People. The People owe a citizenshipobligation to their County, which is a State Member of your Country, calledEngland. The same conditions apply in Ireland and Wales; the situation inScotland is not known at this time.

Job Five:

Coat of Arms. Coats of Arms showthe threads of family identity and feudal obligations that a family may have tothe King and Crown to pay taxes and provide resources and fight in defence ofthe County and/or Country, so are a two-edged sword. 

Ultimate claim to land as a non-real estate holding (“real” means“royal” which makes you a tenant of the Queen, not a Freeholder) in Englandgoes back to the Norman Conquest and the Norman Land Patent established byWilliam the Conqueror. All land patents in England are derived from theNorman Land Patent, except for the lands granted by William to the Church forCommonwealth purposes. 

The rest of the land was divided up upon William’s death among his eldersons and senior Barons, who were declared “kings in their own right” inEngland. So each Norman bequest is a Kingdom and you as Freeholders are LawfulInheritors under the provisions of The Magna Carta, depending on where you wereborn.

Job Six:

The BirthCertificate. This is where the evidence of the Birth Certificate comes in and thetwo-edged sword mentioned earlier.

The Birth Certificate shows where, and to whom, you were born. It alsoshows that you were knowingly or unknowingly pledged as living chattel to the BritishCrown by your Mother, acting under conditions of non-disclosure. 

Viewed from one standpoint, the Birth Certificate is evidence that youwere donated to the Crown as an unwanted baby and ward of the State. Viewedfrom another standpoint, it is evidence of crime committed against you. 

From the first standpoint, you were pledged as collateral backing theBritish Crown from the cradle onward, which makes you at best an indenturedservant, and gives rise to the legal presumption that you are not, and cannotbe a landlord, only a tenant, obligated to act as a property caretaker underthe feudal Commonwealth system of the Church overseen by King John’sprogeny. 

From the second standpoint, you are a landsman, a Freeholder andLandlord who has suffered identity theft and unlawfully disinherited anddefrauded and mistaken for a Pauper. Which is it? 

Job Seven:

UnderstandingMatters and Recap. After you have your genealogy to hand, check your family Coats of Armsand have your own Coats of Arms designed as your unique Trademark.  TheseTrademarks will tell you with great accuracy where your family came from andwhat land in England was theirs under The Norman Patent. 

(When designing your own Coat of Arms you will want to change threeaspects of the Family Coat of Arms. This could be different symbols, addedcolours  or different elements added, subtracted, or substituted. Irecommend the design service of "Fleur-de-lis" for this, they do agood job for around $100. You will be recording your new unique privateTrademark as your own property and sign for your use, not ever “registering”it.)

You can now prove your identity and which land in England is yours as aFreeholder, which then identifies you as  a landlord able to own land ingeneral, wherever your present portion may be. It also serves to disprove anyclaim that you are a Pauper and Commonwealth “chattel property” being overseenby the Queen for the Pope.

Job Eight:

The Cestui Que Viescam. The Queen, as King John’s Heir owns no land under the Norman Patent.All “real (Royal) estate” is being claimed as Commonwealth property granted tothe Church by all of you very generous “presumed” Donors.  

The Queen is then holding the Legal Title to your land and the Pope isholding the Beneficial Title and both are pretending that you are the Donor ofthis trust property, “lost at sea”. The lawful people are declared "legally"dead and the further claim is made that they died intestate, without a Will, sothat the Black Robed priests can come in under the guise of probateexecutors acting for the "government" as the presumed beneficiary andadminister the assets of the estates (you are considered an asset and chattelproperty of your own estate).

They are using this institutionalized fraud scheme to enrich themselves,reduce you to slavery, and evade the requirements of the Magna Carta similar towhat they have done in America to evade their obligations under theConstitutions. 

Rather than try to overcome these venerable protections that are owed toyou, they have instead schemed to “redefine” you as someone else, a “person”“voluntarily” inhabiting a foreign jurisdiction (the sea) and subjectingyourself to the Law of the Sea and owed no consideration under the Law of theLand. Now that this scheme and its primary mechanisms, the BirthCertificate Registration and the Voter Registration are exposed, you can seethe logic of the legal snares being held against you.

Job Nine:

Claiming andRecording your Property. You will bring a claim to the Holy See in the formof a Ecclesiastical Deed Poll to remove your name from enrolment in theCommonwealth and oblige reinstatement of your beneficial interest in the landand soil of England established under the Norman Patent, and you will take theadditional steps of establishing international liens on your property assetsand Good Name.

Recording your property interests, as opposed to registering them, ismore difficult in England. I am informed that the last land recording officesin the British Isles have recently closed and that in many urban areas have notbeen available since the Second World War. Please look around and do your DueDiligence to look around and see if you can locate any “Land Recorders Office”that is still open.

If not, because land is an international jurisdiction, you can recordyour interest in land assets in England through our land recording officeswhich we are diligently restoring to full function.

Job Ten:

Info and Summary. Your graciousoffer of help is gratefully accepted, however, in measure to what we haveprovided and may in future provide, and we will be happy to assist in thoseservices we can provide, however, except in this last mentioned capacity toprovide an international land recording office, should you find yourselves inneed of one, we are ill-prepared to dig into the most pertinent records foryou.

Your genealogies and coats of arms are there and the only other majorissue, the Ecclesiastical Deed Poll process is certainly something we canassist with in terms of templates and technical things like colours of ink andpaper.

The instructions for making a Paramount Claim and examples of ParamountClaims are available among the documents in Article 928 on my website, www.annavonreitz.com and I believeKurt Kallenbach, the pioneer of the Paramount Claim process also has examplesof his available online.

Ours is less extensive than his because we had already covered many ofthe issues via separate prior actions, but in your cases, just starting out, itmay be worth going over Kurt’s whole process and rewriting it for Britain, oneproperly worded document could serve all the British Isles.

I could happily assist with both the Deed Poll and InternationalParamount Claim, with the understanding always that this is a Good Faith effortand there are no guarantees that pirates will honour their obligations inindividual cases.

This is an old and institutionalized fraud scheme. Many politicians,judges, and lawyers stare at us and say, “But, but, this is the way we do it,this is the way it’s always been done...” because, of course, they have grownup in this system and known no other.  And despite the graduallyaccumulating mountains of evidence, individuals and small groups ofpower-mongers continue to resist the inevitable denouement.

We are, as we gain public understanding, gaining steam. More and moreBar Attorneys are waking up, and either through dread of the penalties for whathas been done, or in earnest outrage, are joining the effort. More politiciansare suffering what one of them described as the, “Oh, My God!” Moment.

It’s possible that we could provide you all with international IDs ifyou develop your County Assemblies and develop/redevelop your own County Sealsfor use in the modern day. As Lawful Inheritors (once established) you are theonly ones who have the right to issue such ID’s, but anyone can provide theservice of a secure block chain recording and producing the cards and codes foryou as work for hire.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Government under Pope Francis might be somewhat
alarmed, but in fact you are owed the Law of the Land and any attempt toresist your action reclaiming both your Divine and Land Estate would result ininvoluntary servitude and theft in Breach of Trust.

Hardly the sort of thing that either the Pope or the Queen wish to beaccused of.

We have many needs here and need for donations in support of the workare accepted by PayPal at: avannavon@gmail.com. It’s always a freewill donation, we leave it toindividual sentiment and conscience and give the information and such serviceas we can for free, to avoid excluding anyone from receiving help for lack ofmoney.

So if you feel this has been helpful, feel free to donate. We shall useany contribution to continue our ID and recording office and training efforts,which will ultimately and hopefully help you all too, and help justify thestaff time to work on a British Paramount Claim.

We’ve laid out the basic history and “logos” of the thing and givenquite a laundry list of work, genealogy back to the 1840’s and new individualCoats of Arms and copies of Birth Certificates, which will cost you some timeand money. We will work on a British Paramount Claim and help with theEcclesiastical Deed Poll when the time comes.

Once your Counties are re-populated you can help people more directly aswe have done and save them having to do so much paperwork, while stillregaining their protections under Land Law.

As you begin working with like-minded souls and you all reclaim yourpolitical status as living men and women and claim back your land and soil, thePope’s foreign government will naturally and unavoidably recede back into itsplace and the Crown will have to come up with different collateral.

But in return, you will have your own government back doing what it issupposed to do, protecting you and your assets instead of acting as a parasiteand threat. It’s a two-horned problem saving the government and the people atthe same time.

Saving the government involves historical research, some of which couldbest be done in England by scholars of the Norman Conquest. We will need tobring forward both the Norman Patent established by the Doomsday Book and theMagna Carta.

We will also need to research the Office associated with The Chair ofthe Estates, the Queen’s Office as head of the Probate Court.

Anyway, long story short, there is a lot of work to do and few hands todo it. Whatever connections we can form and resources we can bring to bear areall to the good.

We heartily wish that, and freedom, for you and everyone on this earth.

Anna Von Reitz