MXL770 mic, RK47 capsule mod

漂亮学生妹The cheap mics have a high boost that some people like. It’s the result of a mismatched preamp and capsule. You can replace your capsule with a U-47 clone capsule. The result is a smooth, clear mic with lots of headroom for about $160. This mic is really good and sounds like a much more expensive mic.

DIY Video for installation
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漂亮学生妹Yes! Now with online distributors, all sizes are possible! ?

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Tello? Hello?

When I got my Pixel 3a to try out Android again, I needed a low cost phone service. I noticed that one of the voice over people I had recorded was on the promo site and I checked out the prices. WOW, super low and you can make your own phone plan. AWESOME! So I checked it out. You don’t get overcharged for data and you can cancel and renew anytime. The price is super low for having a secondary line. It runs on the SPRINT network which seems to be fine in Hawaii. Check it out and if you get it, 漂亮学生妹

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If you have never used Fiverr, sign up with my code and you get 20% off and I get credit back!

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Great 2nd tier for keyboards

After using a bunch of stands for keyboards, this 2nd tier works on a variety of X stands and is solid. It has proven to work well. A local sound guy told me about it after seeing my ultimate support stand wobble. The best part is that it is so low cost!

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Fantastic Bluetooth Page Turner pedal!

Here is a fantastic, well designed Bluetooth page turner pedal. It works great with unrealBook and is so well made. This is a great addition to your live performances with unrealBook.

Coda Music Technologies Stomp

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LR Baggs Element Acoustic Guitar Pickup

My friend has the LR Baggs Element installed and it sounds fantastic. It’s a simple design but sometimes the simplest design can sound great. He retrofitted it on his Taylor and he has a great sound!

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Martin LX1E

The small Martin series is fun to play and sounds amazingly good for a guitar partly made of formica! I bought my LXME for around $220 and the retail has just been going up. I got mine setup by a luthier and it plays really great. Almost like an electric guitar feel. The built in Fishman pickup sounds great and it’s easy to get a decent piezo pickup sound. I pair mine with the ZOOM MSG-50. Sounds great! The link is to the LX1E which has a solid wood top.

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Ultimate Tone, Volume III (Generations of Tone, Volume III)

Volume 3 is another fantastic book in the Ultimate Tone series! Covers iconic amp designs.

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The ultimate tone – a fantastic amp book!

If you don’t have a copy of The Ultimate Tone, you really need it. It’s a fantastic book and a must have if you own a tube amp.

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