OMG Manufacturer Reps

gain new market penetration

OMG can help your product team increase new market penetration via increased promotions, additional channels, extending usages, identifying competitive advantages, and obtaining new users.

collect valuable market data

OMG can vastly improve your product strategy by collecting data on customers, sales, and promotions helping you create highly targeted marketing campaigns.

receive product roadmap plan

OMG can help product managers formulate an effective product roadmap by capturing crucial information needed to execute an efficient product release rollout plan.

effective promotion plan

OMG helps you benchmark your product success against specific marketing goals including increased market penetration to existing customers or new target market development.

obtain 24/7 customer service

You call, OMG answers! If you complete the contact form, OMG responds! OMG is here to serve you; and, protect your interest.

Welcome to The Omega Marketing Group!We are your outstanding manufacturer marketing experts.

effective manufactuer repNew digital channels and tools are emerging and changing how customers learn and buy products.OMG helps clients embrace the complex challenges of optimizing marketing effectiveness by aligning retailer and client digital strategies and tactics.
entrepreneurial manufactuer repOMG is a family-oriented, entrepreneurial team. We cultivate a work and play hard culture with a high retention rate. We have time-tested and specialized experiences and push for continuous evaluation towards self-improvement and next generation ideas.
efficient manufactuer rep Our lasting reputation, in a largely word-of-mouth manufacturer to retail business, is flawless. We continuously set the standards and have an uncompromising dedication to exceeding expectations with our long-term manufacturer client and retailer partnerships.


product manufactuer rep
Product Placement
Right place, time and quantities.
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forecasting manufacturer reps
Product Forecasting
OMG provides real-time forecasts.
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trade show manufacturer reps
Trade Show Planning
Drive Incremental Business.
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promotion manufacturer reps
Promotional Plan
Determine Campaign Effectiveness.
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product launch manufacturer reps
New Product Launch
Comprehensive Marketing Plan.
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daily support manufacturer reps
24/7 support
You call, OMG answers!!!
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Why choose OMG?

why manufacturer reps
If you are a manufacturer of home, hardware, kitchen, garden and gift products, OMG offers brand management partnership ensuring maximized sales and customer satisfaction – throughout the Midwest. If you are a retailer, OMG markets many of the world’s Best in Class manufacturers’ products with a dedicated, focused, responsive sales team.

What’s new?

gelpro manufacturer reps
Gel Pro Mats
OMG introduces to our retail partners anti-fatigue Gel Pro mats for home, office, fitness and pets. [MORE]
keurig manufacturer reps
Keurig K-Select
OMG introduces the Keurig K-Select to our retail partners - bold new design for coffee lovers. [MORE]
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