秋霞在线视频On War and its promoters.History appears to repeat, and one would think that with the acuity and science of investigative journalism in all its forms, the world would have had revealed to its awestruck masses, that 'War is a Racket'. However this simple fact is occulted - go figure...

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

NZ Academy - 9/11, Militarism, Climate - will you promote truth or lies?

This open letter/essay was forwarded to NZ academics on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 crime. 

It reports on the draft findings from Professor Leroy Hulsey and associates' Alaska Fairbanks University WTC7 evaluation study. WTC7 was part of the World Trade Center complex demolished in spectacular fashion 11 September 2001.

The secondary conclusion of their study is that "the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building."

Implication is that an hitherto unknown agency was employed to demolish the buildings removing all the core columns. One can speculate about what that was. When one watches video of the WTC7 demolition captured at the moment of the free-fall collapse and compares that with a controlled demolition of other similar buildings one could reach no other conclusion than “the building's demise was as a result of planned demolition by whatever method.”

Demolition charges used at WTC 7 undermine the US Government narrative in respect the 9/11 attack. That in turn creates doubt in respect to the pretext for the war on terror, its merit and its justification under rule of law.

I urged our scientific leaders to take the time to consider the contents of the paper and act to ensure the world is moved toward a just and sustainable tomorrow. The paper asks how NZ can support militarism and seek cooperation for climate action as these appear to be opposed or contrary objectives.

A followup media release was distributed to NZ news media organisations and is included at the end of this blog post (edit 6:20pm Thursday 12 September).

On behalf of 9/11 researchers and NZ 9/11, I've taken the opportunity to take an installation to the NZ Parliament to mark the 9/11 anniversary and featuring the WTC7 study findings.

NZAcademy - 9/11, Militarism, Climate - will you promote truth or lies?

From:Greg Rzesniowiecki, public advocate

DearMember of the NZ Academy,

Thisis an open letter/essay to NZ academics who work in the science,politics and communications/media faculties particularly those inenvironmental science (climate related), engineering and physicalsciences, international affairs and journalism.
Pleasenote that the World Trade Center building 7 (WTC7) evaluation studyhas released its draft findings.
Alsonote that there is little reporting of this important fact in anymainstream media news or journal.
9/11was the launchpad for the global war on terror (GWoT).

ProfessorLeroy Hulsey and associates from Alaska Fairbanks University werecontracted to undertake a study, WTC7 evaluation. The World TradeCenter (WTC) in New York was demolished as a result of the 9/11 crimewhich occurred 11 September 2001. WTC7 (World Trade Center building7) was demolished at 5:20pm in the afternoon many hours after theremainder of the WTC towers and plaza were catastrophically levelled.WTC7 was not struck by a plane nor was any official explanationproffered for its demise until several years later.
TheWTC7 evaluation draft findings were published Tuesday 3 September2019:
http://ine.uaf.edu/wtc7 Summary of the study findings are twofold;
Theprincipal conclusion of our study is that fire did not cause thecollapse of WTC 7 on 9/11, contrary to the conclusions of NIST andprivate engineering firms that studied the collapse.
Thesecondary conclusion of our study is that the collapse of WTC 7 was aglobal failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of everycolumn in the building.
Whilstthe findings might be considered controversial in some officialcircles of expertise insulated from common sense, a disinterestedobserver can quicklyascertain the facts of the matter through the use of their ocularsense, and applied logic - following videos are of WTC7's demolitionand its comparison to a technique known as controlled demolition:

OurShared Planetary Reality
Mythesisis that;
thereis no global solution to the climate change challenge to be found orbrokered whilst the world is in a state of military tension orengaged in endless hostilities (globalwar on terror or similar).”
Toobtain the necessary changes in behaviour; international, national,society, community and individual the planet needs an improvedattitude from its opinion leaders and power brokers. To move in therequired direction the world needs encouragement through messages,stories and narratives which foster cooperation as opposed tocompetition and winner take all notions of success, we need peacefulconditions not more tension, aggression and war.Messages promotinghopelessnessas the only sane reality whilst covertly missing the militarismelement do not encourage the ambitious undertakings necessary to movethe world in the correct direction.
Insupport of my thesis I assert;
itis necessary for the New Zealand state to do all that is within itspower to obtain the requisite cooperation so that its effortsincluding through the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) AmendmentBill are not wasted.”
NewZealand's government and academic experts proselytise the nation'sinhabitants to alter their behaviour to meet arbitrary greenhouse gasemission targets. However, the Government and the academy hasn't donethe hard yards on the international stage nor altered their behaviourand relationswith other nations and institutions who do not share NZ's statedvaluesand commitment to increase global sustainability.
Thetrend is toward 4 degree C increase in average global temperature bythe conclusion of this century unless appropriate mitigation isimplemented moving the planet's energy system away from fossil fuels,and restoration of permanent forest cover to ensure areduction ofgreenhouse gas emissions.
Drastictimes and intractable problems require drastic action for redemption.What to do?
Isit preferable to do a token or half hearted effort and fail,or go for gold?

Learnfrom history?
Theart of the historian is to assemble stories about events and thepersonalities that contributed to these. Historians invariably ask aquestion; “how did this come from that?”
Theindustrial revolution is the story of innovation, mechanisation,automation and carbon based fuels; coal, oil and natural gas. Themodern global civilisation is enabled through energy and feedstockfor many consumer and industrial products from the oil/energyindustry. Combined oil, coal and gas account for 80% of global energyconsumption and will for the foreseeable future. The most ambitioussee these contribute over 60%of global energy needs at 2040. Realists see the fossil fuel sharestaying above 70% to 2040.
Weare two decades into the third millennium.
Atthe dawn of this new epoch a seminal event occurred that we all knowas 9/11. Historians know that 11 September has featured prior, thecoupagainst ChileanPresident Salvador Allende just one example, and most likely willagain. Through the lens of history one can discover patterns ofbehaviour and events.
Eachevent in history has a story which arises from the competingnarratives offered to define the event or massage its perception forparticular or mass audiences.

9/11history's choke point at the new millennium
NewYork certainly chockedon the dustfrom the pulverised concrete, steel, office equipment and linings -110 stories in each WTC tower, 47 in WTC7 and between 8 and 22 in therest of the complex buildings severly damaged, destroyed or partly onthat fate filled day.
The9/11event narrativewas sold to the world as an act of terrorism by 19 mostly SaudiArabian terrorists who (allegedly)boarded 4 planes, hijacked them and struck key assets in the US,notably the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon inWashington DC.
Thatterrorist narrative promoted by the US authorities was solidified inquick time and without a forensic investigation into the crimescenes, at New York, Washington DC or Pennsylvania. Within a monththe US declared war on the nation of Afghanistan.
Afghanistanwas invaded following a shock and awe bombing campaign commencing 7October 2001. Iraq had been in the US's sights since the 1990 Kuwaitinvasion. 9/11 provided the pretext and it too was subjected tosimilar shock and awe against the metropolis of Baghdad and invasionfrom 19 March 2003.
TheGlobal Waron Terrorwas launchedoff the back of the 9/11 event. Terrorismcontinues to be the motivating factor to justify outrageous militarybudgets at everyone's expense.

Whatabout the 9/11 criminal investigation?
Manypeople; including relatives of the 9/11 crime victims, firstresponders, independent observers, experts in intelligence, security,demolition and munitions, and a few journalists raised questionsabout the 9/11 narrative promoted by the US Government. They soughtand made calls for an independent and full investigation of theattack.
TheUS Government and President George W Bush administration resistedthose calls for an investigation until 2002, when they commissionedan inquiry subsequently known as the 9/11 Commissionwhich completed its investigation and released it findingsin 2004. It ought be noted that the Commissionersacknowledgedpubliclythat they were liedto by US authorities. President Bush and Vice President Cheneyprovided their story to the 9/11 Commission in very restrictedform whereby Bush and Cheney agreed to meet privately with the chairand vice chair, but, not to meet with all members, according to thechairman, Thomas H. Kean.


Itis also noteworthy that despite the 9/11 Commission findings inrespect to the alleged hijackers,manylivedpast 11 September 2001, which precludes them being on the allegedhijacked planes, despite what the 9/11 Commissioners were told by USauthorities in their testimony.

Whatabout the 9/11 forensic examination for clues as to what was causal?
Withindays of the 9/11 attack, contractswere entered into with demolition companies for the clean up of theWorld Trade Center site. The clean up proceeded without a formalforensicexaminationof the physical evidence.
Thedestroyed World Trade Center site became known as “Ground Zero.”The workers involved in the clean up were Ground Zero workers andthey completed the cleanup of a million tonnes of debris in about 6months, despite the adverse environment.They faced enormous obstacles including persistenthotspotsthat fumed and gassed-off until December2001 despite the Ground Zero clean up management applyingenormous volumes of liquid suppressant to assist the cooling of thesubterranean hotspots.
Thesubterraneanhotspotsare an anomaly along with many incongruent facts, that ought to havereceived forensicexamination (investigate every potential lead) where the officialnarrative is that “the demolition was effected merely through agravity driven collapse.”
Noamount of gravity on Earth will induce temperatures of 1000 degreesCelsius to persist for months after the event!
Itis not my intent to identify all the anomalies in the officialnarrative. My purpose is to provide an insight into the nature of thecontroversy in order to introduce the issue of the building known asWorld Trade Center 7 or the Salomon Bros building constructed andcompleted after the twin towers known as WTC1 and WTC 2 were completed in 1972 and 1973 respectively.
WTC7 was completed 1986, was built over an electrical substation,and employed similar designfeatures in its structure as the twintowers; that is a strong core and multiple outer columns tofacilitate a large area of clear space on each floor between the coreand outer columns. Floor trusses and pans were suspended between theinner and outer columns and concrete slabs were poured over the pans.47 floors in WTC 7, a large building in most cities, dwarfed by thetwin towers who were 110 floors each and 64 x 64 metres square.
Mostpeople are familiar with the 9/11narrative or storyof the two planes American Airlines flight 11 and United Airlinesflight 175 striking WTC 1 and 2 at 8:47am and 9:03am respectively andthe spectacular destruction of WTC2 at 9:59am, 56 minutes after theinitial strike; and WTC1 at 10:29am, 1 hour and 42 minutes after itwas struck by the plane.
The9/11 event had additional attacks (which this paper doesn't addressin detail);
Againstthe US Defense Force headquarters Washington DC where the Pentagonbuilding's West Wing was struck by a planewhich the 9/11 narrative said was American Airlines flight 77, and;
Ata rural location in Pennsylvania where United Airlines Flight 93 cameto ground.
HoweverUAL 93 came to ground in many pieces separated by kilometres asthough it was destroyed in mid air and the respective parts coming toearth across a vast field. The fact of the widedebris field including across Indian Lake's lake informs thediscerning public that the US Government narrativeon this part of the 9/11 crime was false.

Whathappens to the official conspiracy narrative where intrinsic elementsof the whole story are proved false?Where does the lie stop andtruth enter the frame?
Itis important to note at the time of the respective collapses the WTCtowers had survived the initial shock of the plane strikes and theresultant combustion of the surplus plane fuel.
Theonly fires remaining were the result of the combustion of materialsin the WTC offices. Never have office fires caused a steel framedbuilding to collapse.
Thecatalyst for the sudden onset of WTC 1, 2 and 7's collapse remained amystery without positing some additional agency.
WTC7 suffered some fires at or below its 13thfloor. The building survived these for many hours and the fires wereeffectively extinguished by the onset of that late afternoon. At5:20pm WTC 7 was demolished in spectacular fashion. It lost allstructural support in its lower floors and descended to groundincluding a 2.5 second portion of its descent at free fall velocity.Free fall velocitycan only be attained where there's no resistance to falling.
Abuilding's structure is a lot of resistance in a non magical world.For WTC7 to descend at free fall it requires that; “all supportcolumns in the steel structure must fail prior to the onset ofcollapse.” which is a peculiar observation for a large buildingstructure that the official narrative asserts suffered damage by fireonly.
Additionallythe observed collapse or demolition was symmetrical in its effectwhereas the fires would have had an asymmetrical effect on thebuilding's structure.
Theproblem of WTC7 gained serious traction with critically mindedarchitects and engineerswho sponsored a study to assess the nature and likely cause of thebuilding's demolition. The result was that Professor Leroy Hulsey andassociates from Alaska Fairbanks University were contracted toundertake the WTC7 evaluation study. The draft findings of that studywere published Tuesday 3 September 2019:
http://ine.uaf.edu/wtc7 Summary of the study findings are twofold;
Theprincipal conclusion of our study is that fire did not cause thecollapse of WTC 7 on 9/11, contrary to the conclusions of NIST andprivate engineering firms that studied the collapse.
Thesecondary conclusion of our study is that the collapse of WTC 7 was aglobal failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of everycolumn in the building.
Thefull report is a pdf file at this link:
ProfessorHulsey features in a video presenting the WTC7 evaluation findingsTuesday evening 3 September at Alaska Fairbanks University. The videois available here:
andvia it's embed code here:
Forthose in the academy who wish to provide comment, critique orotherwise engage with the study the following information isimportant;
Theresearch team is currently organizing and uploading all of its datainto a format that can be readily downloaded and used. We expect topost the data sometime between September 16 and September 30, 2019.
Therewill be a two-month public comment period from September 3 toNovember 1, 2019, with the final report will be released later thisyear. During this period, we welcome any and all members of thepublic to submit constructive comments intended to further theanalyses and presentation of findings contained in the report.Designated reviewers external to UAF and Architects & Engineersfor 9/11 Truth will also review the report during this period.Commenters are asked to send their comments in an attached PDF orWord document to publiccomment@AE911Truth.org
NewZealand's academic professionals including those who have alreadymade prior observations about the World Trade Center demolitionsmight study and critique the WTC7 evaluation method and findings.Through contributing you provide your professional perspective beforethe draft published study findings become final.
Ihave previously engaged with individual NZ academics about thismatter from engineering, international relations, psychology andjournalism/media study faculties. Invariably those who I have engagedhave either uttered no comment, or replicated the narrative promotedby the US Government or offered only nuanced dissent from that“official conspiracy narrative.”

WorldTrade Center building 7 demolition – what are implications of thestudy findings?
Thesecondary conclusion of WTC7 study is that;
thecollapse of building was a global failure involving thenear-simultaneous failure of every column in the building,” which;
<> means that an hitherto unknown agency was employed to demolish thebuildings removing all the core columns. One can speculate about whatthat was. When one watches video of the WTC7 demolition captured atthe moment of the free-fall collapse and compares that with acontrolled demolition of other similar buildings one could reach noother conclusion than “the building's demise was as a result ofplanned demolition by whatever method.”
<> means that the perpetrators must have been given a pass by the WTCsecurityservices. Ordinarily controlled demolition projects take considerableplanning and time to ensure cutting and or demolition charges areplaced at appropriate points in a building's structure to attain aclean destruction. Note: it is generally the case that demolitioncontractors work on vacant buildings and or structures. The WTC7 building and the remainder of the WTC complex were close tofull occupancy.
<> means inside job. An inside job is generally a reference to aconspiracy by insider personnel to commit an act and present it asthe result of some other agency or scapegoat. Where US authoritypersonnel provide cover for and lie about the 9/11 crime, whereexplosives are a necessary component to create the observed event,then it is clear that US authority personnel were assisting the 9/11project.
<> means the terrorist narrative is likely a lie.
<> means the global war on terror is a liealso.
<> means the whole world was hoaxed.
<> means stay hoaxed and live in a world narrative built on lies or dosomething to remove the terrible lie and its false narrative.

Globalsustainability, climate action, and open government
Thefollowing is a commentI placed on a videoof The Right Hon Helen Clark promoting the UN Sustainable DevelopmentGoals (SDGs) at an event sponsored by Auckland University Aug 28,2019;
ThanksHelen and Auckland University for your leadership and work.
Alarge question is how can the people of the Earth take thetalking-heads seriously when they do not stop their support for thelargest problem that obstructs us in attaining peace and prosperity -militarism?
NZis part of the US centred military empire, but wants to fix theplanet and create peace and prosperity - how does NZ do both? Oneonly needs to look at the global war on terror to apprehend the truthof who is the militaristic force.
Centralto our concerns ought be how to provide for the growing population ofthe planet, thought to reach about 11 billion before plateauingtoward the closing stages of the 21st Century.
Everyactivity that humans undertakes in an institutional manner involvesindustrial activity, which invariably mean increases of greenhousegases and the pressures that civilisation places on wilderness(Amazon Fires presently).
Theproblem with militarism and war employed as an economic tool toattain goals by those who resort to war mongering is that it wastesvaluable resources, people and energy.
Anyefforts to rein in militarism appear to me to be token and evidentlynot working as particular Western nations act in a unified manner toattack chosen enemies when the US imperial power says so...Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen and demonise certainstates... North Korea, Iran; as authoritarian whereas there areplenty of despots supported by Western imperial powers - thushypocrisy is evident.
Iplaced the following evidence before the NZ Parliament Environmentselect committee in respect to their consideration of the "ClimateChange Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill" presenting oralevidence 26 August 2019:
Thethesis being there's no fix whilst militarism precludes cooperation.
HelenClark in the Public Talk opens with a reference to the MillenniumSummit September 2000 - humanity's leaders attempting cooperation forcommon good:
Howeverthe more powerful (or disruptive) force for evil was also working. Atthe same time Sept 2000, the "Project For a New AmericanCentury" (PNAC) [Many PNAC signatories were given administrativeroles in the George W Bush Presidential administration] publishedtheir prophetic report and plan, "Rebuilding America's Defenses"which I unpack in the following blog - part of my evidence to the NZForeign Affairs, Defence and Trade select committee in respect to itsTPP treaty examination:
AllWestern nations with few exceptions accepted in a public andapparently unquestioned manner the US narrative as to what occurredon 11 September 2001?
Howeverthe people of the world were sold a lie by the leadership which inturn is causal to the millions killed, injured, traumatised anddisplaced through the Global War on Terror (GWoT). GWoT has beencausal for the huge increase in refugees which are now north of 60million off a base of 30 million at the time of the MillenniumSummit.
Dr.Leroy Hulsey's WTC7 evaluation study is due for report September 32019. It is a forensic engineering assessment into the cause of thedemolition and collapse of WTC7 a 47 storey structure built on theNorthern side of Vesey St opposite the main World Trade Centrecomplex, all of which were destroyed in the coordinated attack on USassets in New York and Washington DC, Tuesday 11 September 2001:
Extractedpreliminary findings;
Thefindings thus far are that fire did not bring down this building.Building failure simulations show that, to match observation, theentire inner core of this building failed nearly simultaneously.
Noplane or any other substantial force was revealed to have struck theWTC 7 building during the attack according to official reports.Notwithstanding that the demolition of the building where all corecolumns collapse simultaneously can only occur where agency isbrought to bear. What was the agency how was it applied, and how didthe agents who administered the demolition agents access WTC 7 toapply their agency?
Thequestion of who secured the WTC site to ensure it was protected mightbe the inquiry of a reasonable person.
Itturns out that one of the corporations associated was calledSecuracom and that then President George W Bush's younger brotherMarvin was a principle.
Thisinformation was not made public in the 9/11 Commission report.
Howwould it change the world, if the 9/11 Commission Report narrative isproven to be officially false?
Wouldthe fact of the public exposure of the real 9/11 perpetrators setback the war mongers' agenda and encourage or facilitate peace? Iattempt to answer that herein:

Whatwe know and what we don't know – next steps on the road to truthand sanity
Itis fair to say that I am a non expert, I am not trained in theacademy, I do not suffer from the need to protect my professionalreputation. I am free to offer my opinion, however, informed andfactual and I have done so in respect to the 9/11 crime. As these arerelated I advocate for the need for opengovernment, and the need to protect whistleblowers and those whofacilitatewhistleblowers brave souls who inform the public of corruption inour institutions.
Thisis why I refer to myself as a public advocate.
Youmight disagree with certain asserted statements or representations ofthe 9/11 crime made within this paper. I know that I have shifted myview of the mechanics and scope of the event especially since 2006when I commenced serious investigation. I have also considered themotivations of the crime perpetrators.
Whosaid “go 9/11” and put that into effect needs to be discovered,however, the fact that we do not know every fact about theperpetrators, the demolition agency, or who in the US and othergovernments did what to assist or obstruct the 9/11 crime, is noreason to dispose of the fact that the official 9/11 narrative by USAuthorities is bogus.
Thatbeing the case the world deserves a truthful explanation. Thosekilled, maimed and displaced as a result of 9/11 and the boguswar on terror deserve justice. The world needs the 9/11 lie to beofficially disposed of and institutional mechanisms enshrined toensure that never again are we the people hoaxed into killing inother people's wars.

Recommendationsto New Zealand University faculties and academics

1. Consider your values – do you and your institution work toward asustainable future for NZ and global inhabitants?
A. Do your institution and your personal actions match your statedobject of securing a sustainable future?
B. Is it possible to support militarism and be true to your statedvalues of working toward a sustainable future.

2. Consider passing the following resolution and forwarding it to theNZ Government recommending it acts to end support for militarism andoppose all forms of aggression;
We(name of institution) express our concern at the discovery that the9/11 crime was assisted and covered up by US authorities.
Wefurther find that the 9/11 crime, despite being assisted from withinthe US administration, was used as pretext for the declaration forthe global war on terror by the United States.
Wefind that the aggression launched against the nation states ofAfghanistan 2001 and Iraq 2003, using 9/11 as pretext was bothmorally and lawfully wrong.
Werequest that the NZ Government undertakes a public and transparentinquiry into all intelligence and correspondence received in respectto the 9/11 crime and the terrorism wars including againstAfghanistan and Iraq and make that public, including that the inquiryinvestigates;
  • to the extent possible all aspects of the 9/11 crime.
  • the reasons for the war launched against Afghanistan.
  • the reasons for the war launched against Iraq.
  • NZ ally's (US, UK, France, Israel, Australia, Canada, and willing coalition partners) aggression against Libya, Syria, Yemen, Nth Korea, Venezuela and Russia and makes those findings public.
Thatthe NZ Government take steps to disassociate the NZ nation state frommilitary and intelligence sharing alliances with nations that do notshare our valuesaimed at “achieving peaceful cooperation between all of theplanet's nations in order to secure an abundant future for allnations and their inhabitants.”



Media release sent to a large list of NZ news media organisations about 10:30am Thursday 12 September 2019.

MediaRelease – on 9/11 2019 anniversary - will you promote truth orlies?
Forimmediate use

GregRzesniowiecki, public advocate: Myissues of concern; truth, open government, 9/11, climate, militarism,alliances with those who do not share NZ values.

Openletter to NZ academics on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the9/11 crime
Muchhas been said of 9/11, by US Authorities, NZ's Government and themainstream media both in NZ and abroad.
9/11has been employed as pretext to launch the global war on terror.
Mostof the world and 99% of legacy news media reported faithfully the USGovernment narrative that the whole story and sole perpetrators ofthe 9/11 crime were 19 mostly Saudi Arabian hijackers whocommandeered 4 planes and flew two of them (AA 11, UAL 175) into theWorld Trade Center (WTC) towers, one (AA 77) into the west wing ofthe Pentagon and the remaining flight (UAL 93) into a field inPennsylvania.
Mostof that narrative is false. It is false in respect to many of thestated facts, more importantly it is a lie by omission, as theofficial conspiracy theory doesn't account for the WTC destructionand many further anomalies.
Citizensand professionals who act with integrity are uncovering anddisclosing the facts of the 9/11 crime.
USAuthorities undertook no serious forensic examination of the overallcrime, nor was the World Trade Center destruction true causefaithfully investigated. Citizens and vigilant professionals areinvestigating and providing their scientific findings.
Neverin the history of modern civil engineering have massive steel framedbuildings been destroyed by fire.
Neverthelessafter most of the initial fires were extinguished and the force ofthe plane strike absorbed and accommodated by the twin towers thebuilding's rendered to dust and chopped up steel in dramatic fashion56 minutes (WTC2) and 1 hour 42 minutes (WTC1) later. WTC7 was partof the World Trade Center complex demolished in spectacular fashionat 5:20pm 11 September 2001 hours after the demolition of theremainder of the WTC complex, the Pentagon attack and the Flight 93plane smash at Pennsylania.
Anopen minded observer might reasonably compare the WTC collapses withcontrolled demolition of other redundant structures.
Howto unpack the truth of the 9/11 matter is a concern – does the NZnews media share the desire to report truth?
Ihave written and forwarded an open letter/essay to NZ academics onthe occasion of the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 crime. It reportsthe timely news of the draft findings from Professor Leroy Hulsey andassociates' Alaska Fairbanks University WTC7 evaluation study,published Tuesday 3 September 2019.
TheWTC7 evaluation draft findings
http://ine.uaf.edu/wtc7 Summary of the study findings are twofold;
Theprincipal conclusion of our study is that fire did not cause thecollapse of WTC 7 on 9/11, contrary to the conclusions of NIST andprivate engineering firms that studied the collapse.
Thesecondary conclusion of our study is that the collapse of WTC 7 was aglobal failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of everycolumn in the building.
Theself evident implication is that an hitherto unknown agency wasemployed to demolish the buildings removing all the core columns. Onecan speculate about what that was. When one watches video of the WTC7demolition captured at the moment of the free-fall collapse andcompares that with a controlled demolition of other similar buildingsone could reach no other conclusion than “the building's demise wasas a result of planned demolition by whatever method.”
Demolitioncharges used at WTC 7 undermine the US Government narrative inrespect the 9/11 attack. That in turn creates doubt in respect to thepretext for the war on terror, its merit and its justification underrule of law.
Iurge academics, journalists and professionals who care for truth andintegrity, to take the time to consider the contents of the paper andact to ensure the world is move toward a just and sustainabletomorrow.
Thepaper asks how NZ can support militarism and seek cooperation forclimate action as these appear to be opposed or contrary objectives.
Attached:NZ Academy - 9/11, Militarism, Climate - will you promote truth orlies?
Paperto NZ academics also available as a blog: